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Al-Azraq Hotel & Resthouse

Al-Azraq Hotel & Resthouse

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Azraq main road, Azraq, Jordan

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Oryx spotting in Azraq, Azraq Oasis, Jordan travel blog

Oryx spotting in Azraq

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... and expensive saloons hogging the road out of Saudi Arabia! Next entry -> Bosra, Syria Great Brands of the World - Jordan Once again a mobile phone network provider comes to save the day. Umniah is a strange looking and sounding brand that ...

Indiana Jones and T.E. Lawrence, Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan travel blog

Indiana Jones and T.E. Lawrence

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... Romans had cut an amphitheatre into the bare rock !!!!! Through another passage, and the there it was, the most impressive site in Jordan. The Monastery. This was huge. So we climbed up the side and stood on top, mooned all of our fellow passengers and ...

Storming The Castle(s), Azraq, Jordan travel blog

Storming The Castle(s)

A travel blog entry by stephspeirs


... all their work, after less than two minutes we were home free and on our way to some desert castles! We started with Qasr Al Azraq, a huge black basalt fortress just outside of town. It was used by Lawrence of Arabia in the early 1900s, and was still in ...

Azraq Oasis, Azraq, Jordan travel blog

Azraq Oasis

A travel blog entry by lostalready


... bus) to catch a service taxi to Jerash. We stopped for a few hours in Jerash to see the Roman ruins - the best in Jordan after Petra if the ticket price is anything to go by. Most of the major public buildings have been restored thanks to French funding ...

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Quseir Amra

Quseir Amra


Azraq, Jordan

The eighth-century castle built on a desert caravan road is most famous for its ornate baths.

Qasr Azraq

Qasr Azraq


Azraq Oasis, Azraq, Jordan

Originally built as a Roman fort, this castle is built of basalt and later rebuilt by the Mamelukes in the 13th century.