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Kyukamura Chausuyama Kogen Toyone-mura

Kyukamura Chausuyama Kogen Toyone-mura

4.00 21 reviews

70-163 Goshodaira, Sakauba, Toyone-mura, Japan

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King Kong Ain

King Kong Ain't Got Shit on This

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy


... . Laughing all the way (which was about 5 hours from our departure point), from 4AM-9AM we joked, talked about crashing cars in Japan, talked about winter sports, about how small Tomiyama was and how much we felt out of place there (in a good way of ...

Traditional Hikkake Fish-Hooking & Ubon Festival, Toyone-mura, Japan travel blog

Traditional Hikkake Fish-Hooking & Ubon Festival

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy


... his own bath after dinner, I suppose he was on his way to the bedroom, but he was very at home in his birthday suit. In Japan, they say that after you turn 60 you are 'reborn' again. The elderly traditionally wear all red for this event, and its usually a ...

So I

So I've made the Toyone Anthology...

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy

... I'm addicted to the idea and experience of change, it can still be a very difficult thing to do. I have to say that Japan, no, Toyone Village, is probably one of the easiest places for one to feel at home at such a remarkable rate. My extended stay here ...

Onsen (Hot Bath), Toyone-mura, Japan travel blog

Onsen (Hot Bath)

A travel blog entry by kawaiguy

... the pessimism towards foreign cultures to set in. Later on, I was surprised how long it took me to finally walk into the onsen in Toyone. Let me tell you this story. I spent about two months contemplating how I was going to get in there Scot-free. I heard ...