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Satoya Ryokan Tome

Satoya Ryokan Tome


183-1 Toyosato-cho Shinden-machi, Tome, Japan

Boenkaku Tome

Boenkaku Tome

4.50 3 reviews

316 Toyoma-machi Hinoto Uchinome, Tome, Japan

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Girls night out, Tome, Japan travel blog

Girls night out

A travel blog entry by maverickranger


The paperwork has been submitted, and the agony is over.  Although I am surprised that my decision wasn't questioned, maybe my procrastination gave kyoutou-sensei a clue. I am sure I made the right choice.  Next time I go abroad, it's gonna ...

Golden Week Part 2, Tome, Japan travel blog

Golden Week Part 2

A travel blog entry by maverickranger


... be a problem then.  Ironically, I felt like there was enough distance between me and them in Houston, but not in Japan.  I would move away from home if I didn't have the aforementioned problems that need to be dealt with.  I think ...

Yosakoi!, Tome, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by maverickranger


... I can find a group that can teach me here.   On a completely irrelevant note that's only semi-related to Japan, I was watching Saiyuki: Requiem with the voice actor and director commentary.  Since the production company, ADV, is located in ...

Tome Orientation, Tome, Japan travel blog

Tome Orientation

A travel blog entry by maverickranger


... I hadn't had the chance to do that at school.   Today, our senpai gave more advice on teaching and life in Japan.  I got to meet the other Michael (a.k.a. Michael E./ "Michael X"/ "American Michael") whom I've been hearing a lot about.  ...