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A very long hike, Sounkyo, Japan travel blog

A very long hike

A travel blog entry by finallytop3


... waterfalls and narrow gorge before the sun went down. The next day, I undertook an arduous, but absolutely beautiful hike from Sounkyo to Asahidake Onsen.  Probably overdid it as I hiked for 8 hours total over the tops of 3 mountains, including ...

Playground of the Gods, Sounkyo Gorge, Japan travel blog

Playground of the Gods

A travel blog entry by gingerschilling


... Sounkyo and were excited to head to Furano in the morning. Lots more pictures and helpful links below:   Sounkyo Onsen Info:   Map of Daisetsuzan National ...

Out of Season, Sounkyo, Japan travel blog

Out of Season

A travel blog entry by trainsnotplanes


... even a sensible map and for a day and a half we found ourselves frustrated by the very limited and prescribed nature of things in Japan. We became sick of being told we couldn't do things, you're not allowed beyond this point, this route is closed to ...

Hokkaido -- On Top of Old Asahi, Asahidake, Japan travel blog

Hokkaido -- On Top of Old Asahi

A travel blog entry by gadelle


For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese romanization, Asahidake is pronounced "Ah-sah-hee-dah-keh".  Just in case you were wondering. We awoke very well rested the next morning, after a night in cushy comfort.  We took a dip in the onsen, ...