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Gators in the rain, Shitaya, Japan travel blog

Gators in the rain

A travel blog entry by jhiscocks


Waking up, the idea of biking to Shinjuku had to be discarded due to the weather.  It was raining so hard in fact, that the hostel workers had to go out and rescue the golfish in the pond from getting washed into the garden.  I have pictures of ...

My First Festival, Shitaya, Japan travel blog

My First Festival

A travel blog entry by eundel


... they enshrine. Each weekend the English-language Japan Times printed a list of festivals, and I decided to check-out the Shitaya Grand Festival (下谷大祭). The Shitaya shrine was in northeastern Tokyo, just a few blocks east ...

Around Ueno, Shitaya, Japan travel blog

Around Ueno

A travel blog entry by jhiscocks


Grey but not raining today.  We were woken up by the two cooks in the hostel starting breakfast at 7 am.  Our room is nice, but it's adjacent to the kitchen, bathrooms and showers, only separated by thin paper screens so every footstep or snore ...

Arriving in a typhoon, Shitaya, Japan travel blog

Arriving in a typhoon

A travel blog entry by jhiscocks


I was able to sleep a fair bit on the plane and as a result was fairly well off by the time we arrived around 3 pm. The extra foot room at the bulkhead made a huge difference in comfort and was well worth the extra dollars. They fed us dinner, lunch and ...