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Im coming home, Seta, Japan travel blog

Im coming home

A travel blog entry by myrri

Phew, my time is nearly over here. On 28th of January I will hop on the plane again. How did the time fly by so fast? I just arrived here... I guess I ought to summarize my thoughts about my time here a bit. I will miss these things: - karaoke. Just ...

Seta Industrial HS, Seta and Ishiyama, Japan travel blog

Seta Industrial HS

A travel blog entry by rachelg899


9/5/2006 Tuesday Every Tueday I ride the train approximately 1 hour to teach at an all boys technical high school called Seta. This morning I actually witnessed someone hold the doors open with both arms Superman style to allow the rest of the ...

E..? Wakarimasen, Seta, Japan travel blog

E..? Wakarimasen

A travel blog entry by myrri


Whoah, where to begin. Ive been in Japan for about a week now or so and I still feel a bit stunned. My first days in this strange place have including lots of paper-filling. For every single thing theres a paper to be filled out. It took four papers to ...

Long time, no hear, Seta, Japan travel blog

Long time, no hear

A travel blog entry by myrri


Hello again, my faithful readers. Apologies for the long long silence, but life has been spinning pretty fast on this side of the globe. Right now I believe I've been here around one month - the memories from the first days here seem really distant. The ...