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A day out in Osaka, Osaka, Japan travel blog

A day out in Osaka

A travel blog entry by mktravels

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... ambled down to Osaka Castle which was originally built in 1583 by the order of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, as it was Osaka's number 1 attraction.  The castle suffered several destructions throughout its history and the current Castle was built in ...

Osaka - Universal Studio, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Osaka - Universal Studio

A travel blog entry by cristinaw

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... After checking in, having a nice lunch, passing through the security check point, a 3 hours and 40 minutes of flying, I finally arrived in Japan, Osaka Kansai Airport. The best way to get to Osaka, the city center, is to travel by JR train. So, I and ...

The slow boat to Osaka, Japan, Osaka, Japan travel blog

The slow boat to Osaka, Japan

A travel blog entry by nickiemoore

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In our bid to avoid flying for as long as possible we travelled from China (Shanghai) to Japan (Osaka) by ferry and found ourselves boarding the Su Zhou Hao run by the Shanghai Ferry Company, as excited as little kids, late ...

Japan With A Twist, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Japan With A Twist

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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To get from Hiroshima to Osaka, we hopped on one of Japan's famous bullet trains. These things are fast. How fast? Short of Captain Kirk yelling at his Engineer to "beam me up Scotty", it's Star Trek warp drive fast (240-300 km/h in regular ...