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City lights and Alpine hot pools, Nara - Tokyo - Nagano, Japan travel blog

City lights and Alpine hot pools

A travel blog entry by nadinehanlon

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... virtue of there being 0 hostels available on Saturday night, I took the train down to Nara for the weekend.  Nara was the first capital of Japan before Kyoto and before Tokyo, and home to a national park which houses temples and shrines and parks and ...

Hanging with my Deer, Nara-shi, Japan travel blog

Hanging with my Deer

A travel blog entry by rolandandlizzie

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... guys. Eoghan is Irish (obvs) and was working in a hotel in Paris when he met Takashi who was on a business trip from Japan. Takashi is an antique dealer and travels the world finding pieces to sell in his shop in Kyoto. He specialises in Lalique an early ...

More Deer, Nara, Japan travel blog

More Deer

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... to try our first ryokan in the town of Nara. Ryokans are accommodation facilities which are imbued with the traditional culture of Japan- living in a room with Tatami (straw mat) flooring, changing into a typical Yukata (robe) after taking an Onsen ...

Thundering Todaiji, Nara, Japan travel blog

Thundering Todaiji

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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With one day left on my pass I spent the day in Nara, Japan's first capital, even if it's fame was short lived to be replaced soon after by Kyoto. There is no Shinkansen line to Nara so it was back on the regular trains again which really did feel slow ...