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Bedding Down With The Monks, Mt Koya, Japan travel blog

Bedding Down With The Monks

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... the monk Kukai (considered to be the original settler of Mt Koya) which is surrounded by an immense graveyard (the largest in Japan) that is spectacularly set in the midst of a medical forest. We were also able to do the temple trail through the ...

8ft  tall, with red beard dressed in a blue frock, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

8ft tall, with red beard dressed in a blue frock

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... and Dad took me up for a stay and I was really impressed with the (sorry to be such a tourist) way it seemed to be the Japan we all look for when coming to Japan. The place is full of temples (and shrines), some of which you can stay at yourself, as ...

Monks and Merriment, Koyasan, Yura and Miyama, Wakayama, Japan travel blog

Monks and Merriment

A travel blog entry by kateinjapan

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... Buddhism, we were also able to enjoy the changing colors of the maple leaves - it's a HUGE deal in Japan! They loovvve their maple trees. Koyasan is a photographers dream, and I would've had a great time just taking pictures all weekend. Enough about ...

Koyasan and buddhism, Koyasan, Japan travel blog

Koyasan and buddhism

A travel blog entry by geoffnsteph


... fast, so difficult to capture on photo. From Shin Osaka on the subway, then train via Osaka, Namba and finally Gokurabashi to Koyasan via funicular and local bus. We finally arrived at our Buddhist monastery, Ekoin Temple,  by late afternoon. A ...