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Yamanoso Kasama

Yamanoso Kasama

3.00 2 reviews

975-2 Kasama, Kasama, Japan

Hotel Io Alpheratz Kasama

Hotel Io Alpheratz Kasama

3.50 10 reviews

2517-1 Kasama, Kasama, Japan

City Hotel Tomobe Kasama

City Hotel Tomobe Kasama

4.00 9 reviews

303-3 Asahimachi, Kasama, Japan

Shiroyama Kasama

Shiroyama Kasama

4.00 7 reviews

14-1 Kasama, Kasama, Japan

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Mpulungu to Chitipa, Kasama, Zambia travel blog

Mpulungu to Chitipa

A travel blog entry by dcm

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... in the middle of nowhere when we were already filled to the gills, and the ubiquitous flat tire. It was dark when arrived in Kasama and a difficult woman refused to move her car from the entrance to the butchery.  One of our passengers had to get a ...

Northern Road Trip 2, Kasama, Zambia travel blog

Northern Road Trip 2

A travel blog entry by darkstar

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... to despair when we roll into Kasama and things perk up. A snappy little town with tree-lined streets, parks and quaint colonial-era houses, Kasama is easily the nicest place I've seen on the road. As we drive in the road is literally being paved for us. ...

Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival, Kasama, Japan travel blog

Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival

A travel blog entry by bassalleckj


... , and so there are many stone foxes. Chrysanthemums are a big deal this time of year here in Japan, and many places have chrysanthemum festivals. Kasama held the very first chrysanthemum festival 103 years ago and has been going strong every since. We ...

Kasama Pottery Town, Kasama, Japan travel blog

Kasama Pottery Town

A travel blog entry by bassalleckj


... , often side by side. Shinto shrines have distinctive "torii" gates marking the entrances to the sacred space.    The Kasama Inari Taisha Shrine is one of the 3 most important Inari shrines in Japan. Inari is the spirit of grains, ...