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One city, two names, Hakata, Japan travel blog

One city, two names

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... cool Canal City. Ok so Canal City is just a shopping centre, but it has a canal! Obviously we went to Canal city but really, Hakata is just a city with no real charms. We went to a temple which was nice, but aside from that we just did city things. ...

NICK: F*k-u-oka, Fukuoka/Hakata, Japan travel blog

NICK: F*k-u-oka

A travel blog entry by niknash


... we wanted were all sold out. Luckily, we caught the next ferry and reached Kokura at 5am. We then caught our connecting train to Hakata/Fukuoka (yes, I know it looks like a certain expletive and the word "oka") and got there at 6:30. After that, we ...

Boats, trains, and aeroplanes.  Nope.  Just trains, Hakata, Japan travel blog

Boats, trains, and aeroplanes. Nope. Just trains

A travel blog entry by allmystrings


... by rice paddies that edge right up along the mountains. Unlike the rolling, undulating hills of our dear Tennessee, mountains in Japan have no foothills, and appear to shoot directly out of the ground without warning.  They are verdant and ...

Rare jongens die Jappaners, Fukuoka/Hakata, Japan travel blog

Rare jongens die Jappaners

A travel blog entry by markenhylda

... wijzen naar wat plakaten die natuurlijk ook weer in het japans zijn. Zo kochten we eerder vandaag een treinkaartje voor de trein van Hakata naar Kyoto en nog diezelfde dag van Kyoto naar Tokyo. Krijg je er 3, allemaal met de plaatsnamen in het Japans! En ...