Fuji, Japan

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Fuji Park Hotel

Fuji Park Hotel

3.50 12 reviews

2515-1 Denbo, Fuji, Japan

Hotel Grand Fuji

Hotel Grand Fuji

4.00 17 reviews

8-1 Heigakihoncho, Fuji, Japan

Hotel New Central Fuji

Hotel New Central Fuji

2.50 9 reviews

2-24-2 Nagatacho, Fuji, Japan

Hotel 24 Showadori Fuji

Hotel 24 Showadori Fuji

3.50 19 reviews

3-13-1 Yoshiwara, Fuji, Japan

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Its a long way to the top, Mt Fuji, Japan travel blog

Its a long way to the top

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... all the walking I had been doing to train up??) or was something more sinister afoot - like the high altitude? Nonetheless (in Japan you must save face) I scrambled on and for once was relatively silent, only gasping out STOP! every now and then. The ...

Mt Fuji, Fuji, Japan travel blog

Mt Fuji

A travel blog entry by canaussie

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... a Japanese rooftop garden and of course... Mt. Fuji on yet another glorious day. What a perfect end to our Mt. Fuji and Japan experience.  We are mad about this country, and can't even imagine how beautiful Kyoto, which we were unable to visit, ...

Mt. Fuji, Mt. Fuji and beyond, Japan travel blog

Mt. Fuji

A travel blog entry by grizzly

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... Lake Saiko (eating lots of Mulberries along the way and devouring lavendar and blueberry icecream) and climbing 3776 m high Mt. Fuji. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6901.html  Mount Fuji (Fujisan) is with 3776 meters Japan's highest mountain. It is ...

Objective: Mt Fuji, Mt Fuji, Japan travel blog

Objective: Mt Fuji

A travel blog entry by icy_frosty


... mountain. We actually had the luxury of sleeping on the night we arrived in Kawaguchiko, a quiet little town at the outskirts of Mt Fuji. Rest was a good change from our all nighters. The sun rose and we were both happy to be here. But the mood ...

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Mount Fuji Park

Mount Fuji Park


Fuji, Shizuoka, Chubu, Japan