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I need to learn Japanese...quick, Ashoro-cho, Japan travel blog

I need to learn Japanese...quick

A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan


Today wasn't very eventful to be honest. I drove myself to the office for the first time and managed to stay on the left side of the road the entire time believe it or not. I worked on lesson plans all day basically. We'll see how those turn out as ...

JA beer gardens, Ashoro-cho, Japan travel blog

JA beer gardens

A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan

There is no better way to end a long hard day of work than to go to a beer garden. Today was our park golf tournament wrap up party. Two weeks later I might add. The JA (Japanese Agriculture) had their annual beer gardens in the CO-OP parking lot. ...

Farewell Party #1...Ashoro Young People

Farewell Party #1...Ashoro Young People's Circle

A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan


... so bad that we had to let them take water breaks so they wouldn't faint. After work, I had my first farewell party. The Ashoro Young People's Circle was hosting it. It was held at the Chomin Center and we were having a takoyaki party. Takoyaki is made ...

Boukenou!, Ashoro-cho, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by hugeinjapan


... . They played a lot of house music so I wasn't a fan of that but it was entertaining none the less. A weird thing about partying in Japan is that the Japanese all dance around the DJ. They just stare at him/her and dance all alone. It's funny and kind of ...