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Boscolo Maggior Consiglio Treviso

Boscolo Maggior Consiglio Treviso

4.00 306 reviews

Via Terraglio, 140 , Treviso, Italy

Hotel Continental Treviso

Hotel Continental Treviso

3.00 282 reviews

Via Roma 16, Treviso, Italy

Hotel Carletto Treviso

Hotel Carletto Treviso

2.50 74 reviews

Via Bibano, 42, Treviso, Italy

Hotel Carlton Treviso

Hotel Carlton Treviso

3.00 216 reviews

Largo Porto - Altina N 15, Treviso, Italy

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Treviso Centro - old town Treviso, Treviso, Italy travel blog

Treviso Centro - old town Treviso

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


... on our way out of town and on to our last day of riding to Mestre. We'll include all the old town pictures here. Treviso is considered a 'little Venice' due to all the canals that run through the city. It's also considered a fashion center and we ...

Mama Mia!, Treviso, Italy travel blog

Mama Mia!

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


... Italian train and bus drivers striking, there were no chance of us getting into Venice as planned and we opted for exploring Treviso. We’ve decided to try some local cuisine of every country we visit and lunch consisted of pizza, Italian sandwiches ...

Italian travel tip #3 - conversions, Treviso, Italy travel blog

Italian travel tip #3 - conversions

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


Hone your math skills, especially multiplication, before you travel to Europe! *10 kilometers is 6.2 miles, so our final ride of 47k is 4.7 X 6.2 = 29.14 miles. (Dawna knows this from her running days) *0 Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit, and 100 C is 212 F, ...

Off to Treviso for the day..., Treviso, Italy travel blog

Off to Treviso for the day...

A travel blog entry by timbertime


Finally a day without rain. Today was beautiful! Debra and I went to Treviso.. a small town outside of Venice. My sister's boyfriends best friend picked us up and gave us the grand tour. Alberto Papi! He was so kind to show us his city. I like the small ...

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Ca'salina still and sparking wines

Ca'salina still and sparking wines


Via S. Stefano, 2, Valdobbiadene Treviso, Veneto, Italy