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A day at the beach, Lido di Ostia, Italy travel blog

A day at the beach

A travel blog entry by sbbwebsters


... had so far. Since it is our last day in Rome and we needed a relaxing day, we went to the beach. The beach was called Ostia Lido, just like Briana said up there. I should have written first because now it won't be as interesting, since we both did the ...

ostia antica, Roma / Ostia, Italy travel blog

ostia antica

A travel blog entry by roman_around


... of them are destined to be decorations on the Xmas tree. Later, the whole tribe took the Metro and then a train out to Ostia Antica. Ostia (mouth - as the mouth of the Tiber) was the ancient seaport of Roma. It was a wealthy and important town in its ...


Rome's Port

A travel blog entry by fredwfussell


... Antica. This was Rome's port. All of her supplies and food arriving by sea went through here.  And during the Imperial period, Italy did not grow enough food to feed herself, so imports were a major concern. We were surprised how far the port ...

It smells like life here!, Ostia Antica, Italy travel blog

It smells like life here!

A travel blog entry by jayneandmark


... after a quick breakfast and warm shower, made our way to the metro station.  Our goal today:  get to and wander about Ostia Antica, the primary port for ancient Rome.  To do this we had to transfer to the other metro line and then hop on ...

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Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica


Viale dei Romagnoli 717, Ostia, Lazio, Italy

Present day site of sprawling ruins of a densely populated Roman city at the mouth of the river Tiber.