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Athens to Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Athens to Milan

A travel blog entry by jonmatters

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... my passport is the one from London. Not that I care, for it actually makes it easy to stay in Europe as long as I wish. The Milan-Malpensa airport is actually some 30 miles from Milan, and I’ve no intention of ever going into the city. I have had ...

The Italian Job, Milan, Italy travel blog

The Italian Job

A travel blog entry by sutiramisu

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... we felt justified to eat our hearts out.  The food was... well, how can one put it?  Did you know DeNiro went to Italy to gain the 60 extra pounds required to play Jake La Motta in Raging Bull?   He knew exactly where to go and how to ...

Milan for a night..., Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan for a night...

A travel blog entry by madman96

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... ; A quick drive down to the Milan airport and we pick up Aaron Breeden before heading downtown to watch the Italy - France Euro 2008 game in the Duomo square in Milan.  Of all the games I've seen so far in this tournament, this is the most insane as ...



A travel blog entry by loving_family

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Thursday, 21 July 2016 - Part 2  DA VINCI'S 'THE LAST SUPPER' Still on our walking Arts Tour but I felt this needed an entry on it's own! We are placed in two, closed off climatising chambers before entering for only 15 minutes to view the original ...