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Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel Gaeta

Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel Gaeta

4.50 553 reviews

Lungomare Caboto 6, Gaeta, Italy

Summit Hotel Gaeta

Summit Hotel Gaeta

4.00 329 reviews

Via Flacca km 23, Gaeta, Italy

Hotel Serapo Gaeta

Hotel Serapo Gaeta

3.50 600 reviews

Spiaggia di Serapo, Gaeta, Italy

Gajeta Hotel Gaeta

Gajeta Hotel Gaeta

4.00 304 reviews

Lungomare Caboto 624, Gaeta, Italy

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A Few Years Overseas, Gaeta, Italy travel blog

A Few Years Overseas

A travel blog entry by greg.mcghee

... when we got there so our family worked to build a pretty good program.  I think this helped me grow up a lot. Italy was also the birthplace of my youngest brother, Willy.  We think it was something in the drinking water because all of the ...

The Quarter Century Mark, Gaeta, Italy travel blog

The Quarter Century Mark

A travel blog entry by chiefgracie23


... a great way to beat the heat and humidity.  I was told that yesterday was the hottest day of the year here in Gaeta, reaching over 100 degrees.  No where you go has air conditioning so getting acclimated to the heat is a must.  Hopefully ...

More photos from Capri and Pompei, Gaeta, Italy travel blog

More photos from Capri and Pompei

A travel blog entry by david.seldon


Rainy Days, Gaeta, Italy travel blog

Rainy Days

A travel blog entry by chiefgracie23


... can't help but gaze greedily at the quaint flats, expensive yachts, and small cars zooming through the streets below me.  Castle Gaeta rises to my right, the Italian Naval School below me, and the mountain town of Formia to my left across the ...

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Villa of Tiberius

Villa of Tiberius


Gaeta, Lazio, Italy