Safed, Israel

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Ruth Rimonim Safed

Ruth Rimonim Safed

4.00 447 reviews

Artist Colony, Safed, Israel

Canaan Spa Hotel Safed

Canaan Spa Hotel Safed

3.50 152 reviews

POB 2109, Mount Canaan, Safed, Israel

Palacio Domain Luxurious Boutique Hotel Safed

Palacio Domain Luxurious Boutique Hotel Safed

4.50 45 reviews

Rehov Yod Bet 90, Safed, Israel

Villa Galilee Safed

Villa Galilee Safed

3.50 192 reviews

Hagdud Hashlishi 106, Safed, Israel

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Day 11:  Tzfat, Safed, Israel travel blog

Day 11: Tzfat

A travel blog entry by journeyer

This is a top pick!

... who are playing and at the same time raising some money.    That will be for our next trip to Israel! Monday's intention is "Keep Perspective.  All things are transient.  (Subtitle:  This too will pass).  Today there ...

Day 30 - A leisurely look, Safed, Israel travel blog

Day 30 - A leisurely look

A travel blog entry by spydah

... with what we'd found. Our family members had all been terrific, really going to a lot of trouble to make our visit to Israel a memorable experience. Without them we wouldn't have seen half of what we did or had such a fantastic time. Yet, when we we ...

Tiberias, A Castle and Safed, mystical jews, Safed, Israel travel blog

Tiberias, A Castle and Safed, mystical jews

A travel blog entry by chwingman


... west bank and learned of the three types of "disputed" territories. A) Fully run and security by Arabs, B) Run by Arabs security Israel and C) Run and Security by Israel. The Oslo peace accords in a nut shell. It was interesting to cross the Jordan River ...

Looking around before Shabbas, Safed, Israel travel blog

Looking around before Shabbas

A travel blog entry by rama0999


Today we walked around Tzfat before the big family dinner at the ...

Attractions in Safed

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Dreams and Visions Gallery

Dreams and Visions Gallery


Tet-Vav St. #7, Artists' Colony Safed, Galilee, Israel

A graduate of Princeton University, Safed artist, Sheva Chaya draws on her professional artistic training to bring Dreams and Visions to life through her vibrant artwork. Sheva Chaya utilizes glassblowing demonstrations and her lively watercolor paintings to elucidate Jewish mystical concepts and traditional liturgy which inspire her work. Small and large group presentation topics include: The Kabbalah of Glassblowing, The Precious Land of Israel, Expressionist Watercolor, Women's Wisdom.

Judith Gallery

Judith Gallery


Artists' Colony, Avraham Sade SquareArtists' Colony, Avraham Sade Square, Safed, Galilee, Israel