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Jezreel Valley, Megiddo, Israel travel blog

Jezreel Valley

A travel blog entry by eric

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... in controlling this area.   Some of the biggest battles here have occurred in the Jezreel Valley. Megiddo was one of the first fortresses I visited in Israel.  It dates back to the reign of King Solomon.  This time I actually got to walk ...

Breakfasts on the Tel, Megiddo, Israel travel blog

Breakfasts on the Tel

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... also speaks English and French very well.   Around 8:30 Professor Norma Franklin, who has lived in Israel for over 20 years and dug at Megiddo for about as long, but never lost her English accent, stands to make announcements. They include ...

History of the Megiddo Excavation, Megiddo, Israel travel blog

History of the Megiddo Excavation

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... North-South incursions, invasions, migrations, deportations would have had to happen along here. Some archeological finds indicate that Megiddo was the largest, strongest, and most important strong point in the whole region. More battles have been fought ...

Visiting Jerusalem and arrival in Megiddo, Megiddo, Israel travel blog

Visiting Jerusalem and arrival in Megiddo

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... 18:00 various classes on archeology for those taking them. 19:00 dinner 20:00-21:00 evening lecture by archeologists working at Megiddo and elsewhere. As quickly as possible after 21:00: drop dead until too early the next morning   Our four male ...