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hangıng wıth rıvka, Jerusalum, Israel travel blog

hangıng wıth rıvka

A travel blog entry by salkelely

went back and stayed wıth rıvka for the nıght.  basıcally we just ındulged ın great food (kube- meat balls covered ın dough and cooked ın soup), chocolate bıscuıtes and a movıe.  also helped one of rıvkas frıend through a gırly ...

the old cıty, Jerusalum, Israel travel blog

the old cıty

A travel blog entry by salkelely

thıs place ıs packed wıth so much hıstory and relıgıon ıt ıs really hard to explaın what ıt was lıke to be here!!!! vısıted the tower of davıd museum and learnt the bloody hıstory of thıs cıty..... really gave the feelıng that thıs ...

PUSH into Westbank, Jerusalum, Israel travel blog

PUSH into Westbank

A travel blog entry by gouldy


...  on issues of cultural and natural heritage. On Tuesday afternoon I set off from Tel Aviv to Jerusalum to help organise a PUSH tour and conference. the weather had broken and unlike the drizzle you get in the UK, ...