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Well, I havent really actually STARTED yet..., Binyamina, Israel travel blog

Well, I havent really actually STARTED yet...

A travel blog entry by dagroove


... is getting ready for the trip --- trying to shmooze some early birthday money from my family & the unemployment office in Israel, asking for advice, and mostly bidding last goodbyes to the good people I've had the pleasure to encounter throughout my ...

What can i say, Binyamina, Israel travel blog

What can i say

A travel blog entry by dagroove


... of emotions, goodbyes, new beginnings, reunions with old skeletons.. Yeah, as you see on the map thing, im back in Israel.  for the time being. I had the craziest time since deciding i leave, and making the preperations within less than 2 ...

Its a circus out here!, Binyamina, Israel travel blog

Its a circus out here!

A travel blog entry by dagroove


Im living inside a dream. Ive always wanted to do this in some far corner of my heart this vision was waiting. It was so much to ask for, i kept it away from others - and from myself. Imagine a circus, a travelling circus. Imagine ...

Things R getting lighter, Binyamina, Israel travel blog

Things R getting lighter

A travel blog entry by dagroove

A dream i had last night which was very simple and very powerful: I was on a train with my grandparents, and they were both chattering and arguing and saying i should get fatter, and i took a walk in the train and suddenly the cart in which i was ...