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killarny pin, Killarney, Ireland travel blog

killarny pin

A travel blog entry by elsewhere

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Killarny ...

Writers, Castles, and Tourist Restaurants, Listowel to Killarney, Ireland travel blog

Writers, Castles, and Tourist Restaurants

A travel blog entry by wonderer

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... ) who became the King of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066? Well, it took the Normans a little longer to conquer Ireland (until 1169), and in fact they only ever managed to control two-thirds of it. This was because Ireland was not a single ...

Irish Music is Great, Killarney, Ireland travel blog

Irish Music is Great

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

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... in bypassing those countries that are extremely pricey and/or hold little interest for them? But I am enjoying most aspects of Ireland... last night was great. I went to a very Irish pub with traditional music and had quite a few Murphy's beers and ...

Killarney and Cork, Ireland, Killarney, Ireland travel blog

Killarney and Cork, Ireland

A travel blog entry by tbassplayer

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... about half way between Killarney and Dublin. Cork is a nice city, home of Murphey's stout and called the "Cultural capitol of Ireland." I thought that it resembled Dublin a lot, but the people were just a little less hurried. Aside from culture and beer, ...