Baghdad, Iraq

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Palestine International Hotel Baghdad

Palestine International Hotel Baghdad

2.50 8 reviews

St 47, Mahallat 102 , Baghdad, Iraq

Al Rasheed Hotel Baghdad

Al Rasheed Hotel Baghdad

3.00 17 reviews

International Zone, Baghdad, Iraq

Al Mansour Hotel Baghdad

Al Mansour Hotel Baghdad

4.0 16 reviews

\N, Baghdad, Iraq

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happy halloween, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

happy halloween

A travel blog entry by 1-75medic

Today our patrol was an easy one, we even took a break in the middle to go eat lunch at the best DFAC in baghdad, the place was far better than ours, and it rose our spirits greatly to get some good chow in us. basically we drove around all day with ...

Lots of Ranting today, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

Lots of Ranting today

A travel blog entry by 1-75medic

... like a cop with a desk job. Let's see, recent activity, well, as I'm sure everyone is aware, on the 15th, Iraq voted on the members of it's first freely elected parliament. All early indications are that turnout was beyond most expectations. The ...

Why we are here, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

Why we are here

A travel blog entry by 1-75medic

... recieved my power cord for my laptop, so that's why this entry is longer than any of the others, as I can now type it all out on my bunk and upload it later, 1/2 hour on a computer is not very long at all. Reporting, for uhhh, me, from Baghdad, ...

Extreme Home Makeover: Iraq Edition, Baghdad, Iraq travel blog

Extreme Home Makeover: Iraq Edition

A travel blog entry by 1-75medic

Today, was a very busy day, 80 guys that have no idea hat they are doing with power tools and 2 that do trying to take a group of shacks and turn them into an operational headquarters. Quite hillarious. The place was a mess before, trees down in the ...