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Red Mud village, Abyaneh, Iran travel blog

Red Mud village

A travel blog entry by p45


We drove up to the old city of Abyaneh where it is a little cooler than the rest of the desert due to the higher altitude. The people here wear different clothes from any where else in Iran so that the can distinguish themselves from outsiders. the city ...

Abyaneh Village, Abyaneh, Iran travel blog

Abyaneh Village

A travel blog entry by fearcuairt

... villagers more or less unchanged over the centuries - their ancient clothing and dialect, combined with the preserved architecture, led to Abyaneh's UNESCO distinction. It was a quiet stay in the village - there is only one hotel and restaurant in town, ...

Abyaneh, Abyaneh, Iran travel blog


A travel blog entry by lufervit


... , in Iran people are so kind that I find it hard to be rude to them. I ended up paying for his lunch. Anyway, Abyaneh is a very nice and picturesque village, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The only downfall is that not many young people want to live ...

Sublime road (2/2), Abyaneh, Iran travel blog

Sublime road (2/2)

A travel blog entry by jfontanieu

... avions perdu 10 degrès en une heure et il se mettait à pleuvoir. Pas question de voir son enthousiasme douché pour autant : on est en Iran ! Il y avait bien, sur le côté de la route, très bien placée, une "ajens" de taxis faisant le trajet ; ...