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Finding Gili Meno, Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Finding Gili Meno

A travel blog entry by laurenandkris

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... setting over the impressive volcanic peaks of Bali as the mass of Gunung Rinjani (3700m) on Lombok loomed ever closer. We were forever beseiged with Indonesia's favorite question, "Hello, where are you going?". Unfortunately most Indonesians don't speak ...

Walking on Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Walking on Air

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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... after our journey. We couldn't help ourselves and stayed here 6 nights. Our holiday in our travels! One other thing, every hotel in Indonesia be it in touristy Bali or a homestay in Flores seems to have its resident chicken. Great if you want an omelet at ...

Day1-2 on Terawangan, Pulau Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Day1-2 on Terawangan

A travel blog entry by jackie_n_james

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... was OK, then we got onto a boat and it turned out the trip was quicker than they told us which was nice. After getting to Lombok we took a nice bus (one of the nicest transfers so far) to get a smaller boat which would take us to Trawangan. The whole ...

update of last couple days, Pulau Terawangan, Indonesia travel blog

update of last couple days

A travel blog entry by jackie_n_james

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Day 3/4- On the first day of our diving we did our navigation test and it went pretty good, even though we were supposed to dive again at 2:30 we canceled because Jackie was having trouble with her ears and it's not a good idea to dive if your ears are ...