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Prambanan & the Ramayana Ballet, Prambanan, Indonesia travel blog

Prambanan & the Ramayana Ballet

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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... photo stops. Prambanan was equally as impressive as Borobudur and if you come to Java a visit to both these temples is a must. Prambanan features 6 main temples the main one, shiva, is 47 meters tall and again has intricate carving all over. The main ...

More Temples, Prambanan, Indonesia travel blog

More Temples

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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Now if it wasn't for Borobudur being such a huge site on it's own, another World Heritage site, Prambanan would be widely known, but then again, before I visited Borobudur, how many of you knew of it? To be honest, I knew about Borobudur but I had no idea ...

Visiting The 2nd Largest Hindu Temple In The World, Prambanan, Indonesia travel blog

Visiting The 2nd Largest Hindu Temple In The World

A travel blog entry by venoth


... or else we would completely miss the Borobudur temple in this trip altogether. There was even a small museum inside the Prambanan Complex where they have a collection of idols from shrines which were destroyed and ruined. We could not even visit this ...

Hindu Times, Prambanan, Indonesia travel blog

Hindu Times

A travel blog entry by elrigster


... option. With ticket in hand we again caught the government bus that would take us to the largest Hindu temple of the country; Prambanan. We arrived there at around midday and already the sun was unforgiving at its peak of the day, not only sizzling the ...