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Colourful crater lakes... and a robbery, Moni, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Colourful crater lakes... and a robbery

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... driver was pressed for time after stopping twice to change tyres) so we were tired and starving when we finally arrived in Moni. This small village, set among emerald green rice paddies on the slopes of Kelimutu, is notorious for having become a tourist ...

Three lakes, three conversations, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Three lakes, three conversations

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... , if I would be interested in looking at some ikat.  She told me she had travelled to Malaysia, and across a good part of Indonesia as well.  A liter of petrol was 6,000 rupiah, or about 65 cents.  She was afraid it would go up to 7,000 or ...

The Guide That Wouldn

The Guide That Wouldn't Leave

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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... about how small the plane would be, but it was actually a small jet - a focker and we were served cake. We skipped over Indonesia and bounced around over the clouds. The clouds were massive and hurtling up in the sky above us. How do you fly a plane ...

Hey Moni, Moni!, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Hey Moni, Moni!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... when the boys come of age they have to chop off a pigs head! One way of going through puberty I guess! So that was beautiful Moni and with the desire to rest catching up with us fast we decided to head back to Maumere and catch a flight to Bali!!! Our ...