Medan, Indonesia

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JW Marriott Hotel Medan

JW Marriott Hotel Medan

4.50 465 reviews

Jl. Putri Hijau no. 10, Medan, Indonesia

Soechi International Hotel Medan

Soechi International Hotel Medan

3.00 85 reviews

76A Jl. Cirebon Medau, Medan, Indonesia

Grand Angkasa International Hotel Medan

Grand Angkasa International Hotel Medan

3.50 131 reviews

Jalan Sutomo No.1, Medan, Indonesia

Hotel Aryaduta Medan

Hotel Aryaduta Medan

4.00 273 reviews

Jalan Kapten Maulana Lubis 8, Medan, Indonesia

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Day 59:  Into the Wild!, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Day 59: Into the Wild!

A travel blog entry by sirrocko711

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... in the Garden Inn, what turned out to be one of the cheapest and best lodges in the village. Score another win for the Indonesia section of the guidebook (the Malaysian section has been much more hit&miss thus far.) It was a basic room of four walls, ...

The Banda Brothers, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

The Banda Brothers

A travel blog entry by thewyndilady

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Our next flight we depart the plane outside, which is always the first indication we are in another land. As I step off the plane I am overwhelmed by all the familiar aromas of this place....cigarettes, incencse and body odor. Awwwwhhhh...I love this ...

Do you want any leeches for that?, Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Do you want any leeches for that?

A travel blog entry by andrewanderica

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... to an apparent stranger to ask directions, this also turned out to be another brother.  This was getting hilarious.  Medan appeared dirty, smoggy, overpopulated and basically horrible on the outskirts but as we got nearer what we guess was the ...

Danau Toba - Medan, Danau Toba - Medan, Indonesia travel blog

Danau Toba - Medan

A travel blog entry by kandg

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... the honour of Asia's least desirable place. Our excuse for a guesthouse is, on both a positive and negative note, opposite Medan's main attraction - its Mosque. The negatives outweigh the positives however as one sight of it was enough for me and now ...