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A beach haven and a wreck dive, Maumere, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

A beach haven and a wreck dive

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... a bemo together and sat around chatting while we waited for the plane (which ended up leaving an hour late). Goodbye, Flores and Lembata! We'd been absolutely enchanted by the friendly people and dramatic scenery of this far eastern corner of ...

Village People Moni, Maumere,  Indonesia travel blog

Village People Moni

A travel blog entry by faff

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... been staying in places over 2000 meters and have had to wear our warm clothes. This is as far east as we will travel in Indonesia. The rest of our trip will be a meandering trip back to Denpasar. D&A P.S. They love their soccer here and are totally ...

Reluctant Return to Civilization, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Reluctant Return to Civilization

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... .  We were dropped at the hotel we'd requested, which was much more expensive than we would have liked (all prices up in Indonesia, after all), but there was nowhere else for us to go and the staff was friendly enough.  We settled in.  ...

Komodo Adventure, Misadventure, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Adventure

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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From the very beginning the tour company (Wisata Lombok) made their incompetency obvious. All of us on the boat had been told different things about what we'd get on the tour & how many people there would be, but pretty much none of it was delivered. ...