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Superb diving and unexpected surprises, Lembeh, Indonesia travel blog

Superb diving and unexpected surprises

A travel blog entry by nomadic-brands

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... get to Singapore! We had a real dilema about whether to stay for longer but we decided to leave the following day since diving in Lembeh was expensive, and we also wanted to do a couple of dives in Bunaken. So it was with mixed feelings that we left ...

Critters, critters everywhere, Lembeh, Indonesia travel blog

Critters, critters everywhere

A travel blog entry by nomadic-brands

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... ;on Pulau Lembeh, on the north west tip of Sulawesi. We have come here for the world famous "muck diving" of the Lembeh Straits. Welcome to an alien world where weird and wonderful creatures, small and large, live on a black, sandy, ...

World of the weird, Lembeh, Indonesia travel blog

World of the weird

A travel blog entry by rgreenwell630


Story to ...

AMAZING Dive and Great People, Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia travel blog

AMAZING Dive and Great People

A travel blog entry by rob_the_ladd


... !This is where we met Dan, Jaz and Mathieu, who we would end up spending most of the next couple of weeks with. They had been in Lembeh a while and it was their last night, so they had a bit of a party and we all went through a fair bit of Palm Wine, ...