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Village of the whale hunters, Lamalera, Lembata island, Solor-Alor Archipelago, Indonesia travel blog

Village of the whale hunters

A travel blog entry by idarich

This is a top pick!

... which is bartered as lamp fuel at the surrounding markets. Bones are used in construction and carved into ornaments. Visiting Lamalera and accompanying a fishing boat presented a moral challenge to us: of course, we instinctively find the idea of ...

No whale hunting for me (thank god)., Lamalera, Indonesia travel blog

No whale hunting for me (thank god).

A travel blog entry by richierich33


Caught the midday public bus from Loweleba to Lamalera for 30,000IDR. The journey took under three hours and the road was paved about half of the way. Got dropped off at the Abel Beding homestay in the centre of 'town' although the place only ...

Sailing and Whaling, Lamalera, Indonesia travel blog

Sailing and Whaling

A travel blog entry by trish.coverdale


... scenery but I must have been pretty exhausted to fall asleep!  I do realise I'm no spring chicken any more and adventures sometimes can take their toll!  Now let me see, 18,307 islands in Indonesia......where to next?!       ...

Of mice and (wo)men. And whales., Lamalera, Indonesia travel blog

Of mice and (wo)men. And whales.

A travel blog entry by henniterness


... how controversial you find it and whether you would have wanted to come. "Like characters from an Indonesia Moby Dick, the hard-scrabble men of Lamalera village on the south cast of Lembata hunt sperm and pilot whales using nothing more than bamboo ...