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Bikes, dragons, and Kecak, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Bikes, dragons, and Kecak

A travel blog entry by travel_buddy

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Up and at 'em! Our transport picks us up for a bike tour at 7:30. Kat and I are a little sleepy after watching the Euro Cup finals in the middle of the night but we're good to go. Up to the base of Mt. Batur for breakfast, good to get a look at what we ...

Sanur - Beautiful Bali, Sanur, Indonesia travel blog

Sanur - Beautiful Bali

A travel blog entry by stephen.j.booth

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Swapping Laos for Indonesia was a master-stroke; Bali is sensational. The beach at Sanur isn't a patch on the Perhentians but the streets and their architecture are a joy to be around. The Balinese people are highly spiritual, going beyond ...

Holy Grail of Pig, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Holy Grail of Pig

A travel blog entry by travel_buddy

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I wake up around 4 a.m. Much to my dismay the chickens did in fact follow me to Ubud! Kat and I walk around and find a new place to stay, I'm quite determined to get a decent nights sleep. We decide to stay at the White House which has modest rooms ...

the orangutans of Bukit Lawang...., Bukit Lawang, Indonesia travel blog

the orangutans of Bukit Lawang....

A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... Udin, minutes after we get off of the plane in Medan, Sumatra.  I was never aware of the fact that Sumatra is part of Indonesia...thought of it as it's own country...and the culture is very unique, just as it was in Java and Bali.  My primary ...