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Oil and water, Duri, Indonesia travel blog

Oil and water

A travel blog entry by dynamo

... 17 days, with no rest-days. This was partly out of necessity, but also because there is very little tourist industry in Indonesia in general, and in southern Sumatra in particular. (guidebooks only mention two towns south of Padang, and then only to tell ...

Thunderstorms, Duri, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nahury1

It's been a while since I have been in a real thunderstorm (like Houston). We have had several passing storms over the days. But while working late in my room - the fireworks are going off. Makes me feel glad that I am on the second ...

Arrival in Duri, Duri, Indonesia travel blog

Arrival in Duri

A travel blog entry by nahury1

Our main camp ...

helicopter to final camp, Duri, Indonesia travel blog

helicopter to final camp

A travel blog entry by nahury1

photos ...