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Is Bali Still Paradise?, Canggu, Indonesia travel blog

Is Bali Still Paradise?

A travel blog entry by jeffsadventures

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... no idea how travelers that don't know how to ride get anywhere they need to go without spending a fortune on taxis. And finally, Indonesia has a quirky law in place requiring an international driver's license, which no one has and they know it.  The ...

Catching up with friends, Changū, Indonesia travel blog

Catching up with friends

A travel blog entry by wickens

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Anyone who came to Bali on their gap year 20 years ago would be truly shocked by the busy, noisy over developed, crowded places that Kuta, Legian and Seminyak have become.  What should have been a short 20km (or possibly less) drive from the Four ...

Surfing and sunset Bali, Changū, Indonesia travel blog

Surfing and sunset Bali

A travel blog entry by wickens

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Our stay at Puribawana was very lazy indeed, most of us enjoying the fact that the children were getting on so well and required less attention from the parents as a result.  The Wickens family were struck down by a 24 hour Bali Belly then ...

Bali x2, Canggu, Indonesia travel blog

Bali x2

A travel blog entry by bweiss619


... places to eat and see, including a nice little sunday market selling fresh produce, clothes, and other local goods. Our time in Canggu was awesome and was a great cap to having my parents in Southeast Asia, though I'm sure we could have stayed in Bali ...