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Jalan Gundaling, Berastagi, Indonesia

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Indonesia - Berastagi, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia - Berastagi

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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... classroom and they all did really well. I was happy to have been a help. In return, i also learned a little more Bahasa (Indonesia's main language) from them. Afterwards, the teacher took me on his motorbike to the nearby Gundaling Hill, which is where i ...

Hotel Nightmare, Berastagi, Indonesia travel blog

Hotel Nightmare

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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Berastiga is probably most notable for it's proximity to two relatively active volcanoes, Sibayak, 2100 meters high and Sinabung, 2400 meters high. Sibayak is constantly smoking and, after laying dormant for over 400 years, Sinabung, in Sept of ...

ooh ooh aah - Jungle Trek...., In the jungle!, Indonesia travel blog

ooh ooh aah - Jungle Trek....

A travel blog entry by tomandcharlie

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We decided to come back down to Indonesia with Kate and Darren in search of the wild orangutans and to see Lake Toba. We had been told many good things about the lake last time we were in Bukittinggi but the 18+ hours bus journey complete with sick bags ...

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A travel blog entry by benabroad

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Spent the first afternoon in Beragstagi just walking around the main street, checking out the sights there. I like Beragstagi, its a pretty, quaint little place, where in the evening the main street fills up with food vendors selling all kinds of ...