Bajawa, Indonesia

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Villa Silverin Bajawa

Villa Silverin Bajawa

2.50 39 reviews

Jl Bajawa-Ende, Samping Pura Hindu, Wolokole, Bajawa, Indonesia

Bintang Wisata Bajawa

Bintang Wisata Bajawa

2.50 33 reviews

JL Palapa 04 Ngedukelu, Bajawa, Indonesia

Korina Hotel Bajawa

Korina Hotel Bajawa

2.00 13 reviews

Jl A. Yani , Bajawa, Indonesia

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Motorbike touring the back roads of Bajawa., Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Motorbike touring the back roads of Bajawa.

A travel blog entry by markandjade

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Highlights. Ojek tour around Bajawa. We paid for 2 guys to give us a tour of the surrounding area of Bajawa using their bikes. This was a much cheaper way of doing it rather than a private car plus it was a lot more fun. The guy who explained everything ...

Overnight in Bajawa, Bajawa,  Indonesia travel blog

Overnight in Bajawa

A travel blog entry by faff

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... Komodo dragons in the wild), with our boat journey back to Lombok. Unfortunately, there were no options other than local bus to Bajawa. We didn't exactly relish the idea but we could not afford to spend another day in LB given our new time constraints. ...

Christmas in Flores (Bajawa and Moni), Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas in Flores (Bajawa and Moni)

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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... treated to 3 circuits of the town before leaving to make sure we picked up every last passenger possible. The 10hour ride to Bajawa was along a winding road through scenic green mountains for most of the way.. which meant lots of plastic bags were needed ...

"Oh my!" OR A bus full of shallots, Bajawa, Indonesia travel blog

"Oh my!" OR A bus full of shallots

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... the bus continued.  Then the Indonesians started vomiting.  In China we met a couple who had started in Indonesia and they mentioned that Indonesians are not the greatest bus travellers and plastic bags are always provided on ...