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India here we are!, Goa - From Trivandrum, India travel blog

India here we are!

A travel blog entry by loudan1979

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... left Bangkok (a while back now) on a not very entertaining Silk airways flight.....  we headed for a place in South India - called Trivandrum,which is located in the state of Kerala.           ...

An Ode to India, All the places we have visited, India travel blog

An Ode to India

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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... juicy steak, I'm getting the feeling we made another mistake! Let's head for the mountains where it's nice and cool, A part of India which is a real jewel. Kodaikanal is a trek and a half if you are catching the bus, I was minding my own reading a ...

Up the East Coast, part I: Kerala to Rameshwaram, Trivandrum, Madras, and Rameshwaram, India travel blog

Up the East Coast, part I: Kerala to Rameshwaram

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... . As the heat bore down upon me from the sun above, I drank dry my second liter of water from my Nalgene bottle. In Trivandrum, I had Aqua Mira water purification sent to post restante at the GPO, so they were waiting for me when I arrived from Sri ...

Welcome to Thiruvananthapuram!, Trivandrum, India travel blog

Welcome to Thiruvananthapuram!

A travel blog entry by malariamonday

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... capital of the state of Kerala.  For fairly obvious reasons, the city is often referred to by its colonial name, Trivandrum.  (Try saying Thiruvananthapuram after a Kingfisher or two and the decision to shorten makes a lot of sense!)  We ...