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Camel Safari, Thar Desert, India travel blog

Camel Safari

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... , brilliant, fantastic! Despite the sore muscles and bums these are definitely the words to describe our camel safari.  The Thar desert close to Jaisalmer is mostly scrub land but because of this the changing scenery made it more interesting than if ...

"Bhanged" up by a Camel: Desert Safari, Thar Desert, Near Jaisalmer, India travel blog

"Bhanged" up by a Camel: Desert Safari

A travel blog entry by djchurch

This is a top pick!

... days, one night. We had two guides, Mallu and Dellboy, who alternated riding on and walking in front of the extra camel. The Thar Desert is not a stereotypical, Arabian Nights desert. It is dry, flat, and covered by rocks. In places, the hard soil is ...


Camels...It's a Love-Hate Thing

A travel blog entry by bengamble


... , the tandoori was great!  When we finished lunch, it was time to pack our small daypacks for an overnight in the desert.  We bought 4 tall cans of beer, some lentil chips ad packed the other essentials (T.P., blankets, sweaters, flashlight and ...

I love camels :), Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, India travel blog

I love camels :)

A travel blog entry by krisraym


... products, the likes of which this part of the world had never seen. We drove for what seemed like hours across the barren, desert-scrub landscape until finally, with no warning, the jeep turned off the road and sped toward a large sand dune. Waiting at ...