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We saw a Tiger (and lots of other animals!), Tala, India travel blog

We saw a Tiger (and lots of other animals!)

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

This is a top pick!

... in and out of sight behind the trees (we have put up a couple of our bad photos as proof!).  However for anyone in India thinking about doing a safari i would definitely recommend it as long as you will be happy with the other wildlife as there is a ...

In search of the Holy Grail!, Bandhavrh National Park (Tala), India travel blog

In search of the Holy Grail!

A travel blog entry by jundan


... sent us the wrong way and we ended up surrounded. For a little while it felt quite intimidating but we bullshitted about an emergency in Tala and scarpered! We finally got the bus and rocked up in Tala. In Tala we headed straight for Kum Kum House. It is ...

Worst Road in India!, Talāja, India travel blog

Worst Road in India!

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... of Jagrabad    - Salt flats and loads of birds    - A Decent Hotel     Worst Road in India! After we crossed the bridge to the mainland and hit the town of Una, the road surface was riddled with potholes causing traffic in ...

The trots, tigers and trains, Tala, India travel blog

The trots, tigers and trains

A travel blog entry by newbs


... ? She had been ill for days, refused to see a Doctor or stop eating curry to allow herself to recover. And who goes to India without Imodium or rehydration salts or sits in an open top jeep in temperatures of over 30 degrees without a hat? She should not ...