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Bank woes, or how I miss my first Himalayan sunset, Sarahan, India travel blog

Bank woes, or how I miss my first Himalayan sunset

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... spoilt when a man walked away past the open window of the jeep and belched loudly, reducing us all to giggles. We reached Sarahan at 5pm, leaving us some daylight with which to explore. There isn't much to the village, but it does have fantastic views ...

Twin Towers, Sarahan, India travel blog

Twin Towers

A travel blog entry by meandher

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... we were to be treated to a first hand demonstration of exactly how suddenly and viciously these flash floods can strike. We reached Sarahan in the early evening and what a great little place it is , sitting high above the valley floor at 1920 metres ...

SCENIC  SARAHAN, Sarahan, India travel blog


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... backdrop of the Shrikhand Mahadev range of the Himalayas. Shri Bhima Kali is the Kul Devi of the former Bushehri rulers.  Sarahan was formerly known as Shonitpur, the capital of the Bushehri State before it moved to Rampur.  The summer palace ...

Unterwegs im Kinnaur-Valley 1, Sarahan, India travel blog

Unterwegs im Kinnaur-Valley 1

A travel blog entry by popaerbel


Der erste Tag unserer 6-taegigen Jeeptour fuehrte uns ins kleine Bergdorf Sarahan. Auf der sechsstuendigen, 175km langen Fahrt machten wir einen Zwischenstopp, um den 3400m hohen Hattu Peak zu "besteigen" (der Fahrer Kamal brachte uns fast bis ganz rauf, ...