Palolem, India

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Dreamcatcher Resort Palolem

Dreamcatcher Resort Palolem

4.00 101 reviews

Far North Palolem Beach, Palolem, India

Preetham Cottages Palolem

Preetham Cottages Palolem

4.50 6 reviews

Pololem Beach, Palolem, India

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Christmas in Goa, Palolem Beach, Goa, India travel blog

Christmas in Goa

A travel blog entry by lizandsteve

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... this was the first place here we'd been that was crawling with other travellers, and had food on offer that wasn't Indian! Palolem beach is quite developed but in a backpackery kind of way. Accomodation here is in the form of beach bungalows referred ...

Bollywood Dreams & Goa Coconut Huts, Palolem Goa, India travel blog

Bollywood Dreams & Goa Coconut Huts

A travel blog entry by crystalwaitekus

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... businesses that recycle just about every kind of material you can imagine. After Mumbai, the plan was to venture into central India and participate in a 10 day silent meditation course.  Well, apparently the program is quite good at this because ...

Lazing on the beach, Palolem, India travel blog

Lazing on the beach

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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... UK, there are still a number of places that refreshingly remain lightly developed. I spent the final week of my previous trip to India on Palolem Beach in the far south of Goa. I loved it here, so this time around, bringing Katie was a must. Before ...

The time machine, The Darkness and The Light. ., Palolem beach, India travel blog

The time machine, The Darkness and The Light. .

A travel blog entry by bloomer

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... here, and be on good behavior. These are good people, they work hard to make things as nice as they can, and deserve respect. Palolem and India in general may be like a frontier town in many ways, but that is no reason to act like a cowboy. If you ...