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Vijay Vilas Palace Palitana

Vijay Vilas Palace Palitana

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Village Adpur, Palitana, India

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Shatrunjaya, Palitana, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by philthy

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... we had seen our fill of Shatrunjaya (and not eager to climb and decend those steps again) we set off for Jaisalmer. Since Palitana is off the railway grid that meant sharing a bus full of Jain pilgrims to Ahmedabad. As it turns out, the people sitting ...

Gujarat, the ultimate travel challenge, Palitana, India travel blog

Gujarat, the ultimate travel challenge

A travel blog entry by sarah

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... of honor; it was quite "rustic". When we disembarked in Talaja, it was about 5, and we were first told that the bus to Palitana didn't exist (language misunderstanding) and then, that it was "a little" late. At 6:30, just as it was getting dark, we ...

Shatrunjaya Hill: Sacred Place of Adinath, Palitana, Gujarat, India travel blog

Shatrunjaya Hill: Sacred Place of Adinath

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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"Adinath. Adinath," the white-clad monks and laypeople chanted as they clapped inside the marble inner sanctum of the holiest Jain temple. This was Adishwar, the main temple on Shatrunjaya Hill, the place where Adinath, the first tirthankara, or lord, ...

Gir Tiger! (well, lion actually), Sasan Gir, India travel blog

Gir Tiger! (well, lion actually)

A travel blog entry by bush-trotters

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... Sasan is the last remaining refuge of the Asiatic Lion (and you thought its was just tigers) previously found across the breadth of northern India and as far west as Iraq. The land has been given over to the lions, a tribe that lived there previously has ...