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Puri, Raghurapur, Konark  & Nolia Sahi, Puri, India travel blog

Puri, Raghurapur, Konark & Nolia Sahi

A travel blog entry by michellendave

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... with her. As foreigners, we are hungry to get the Indian perspective on things we observe. She does a lot of traveling through India and facilitates the promotion of local art. She had just come back from Raghurajpur, the artist village we want to visit. ...

Up the East Coast, Part III: The Sun Temple, Puri and Konarak, India travel blog

Up the East Coast, Part III: The Sun Temple

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... blue chlorite statues of Surya still surviving the centuries. All around the temple were glimpses into the life of thirteenth century Orissa and the minds of the Buddhist craftsmen as they constructed the Hindu temple. Surya showed me many of these as ...

Cows and temples, Puri, India travel blog

Cows and temples

A travel blog entry by mightylongway

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Okay, deep breath.... eww it stinks!! India sure is one smelly country and with a rising population it isn't likely to get any better. Besides the constant stench our train journey in 2nd class sleeper from Kolkata to the little beach side pilgrimage ...

Shitting on a beach (not me), Puri, India travel blog

Shitting on a beach (not me)

A travel blog entry by benabroad

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... .        Our stomachs filled, we then went to the dance festival, where todays performances were of Orissa and Manipur dance styles, stopping on the way in a little tent where they were holding a promotion for India tea. ...