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We like it!, Mumbai, India travel blog

We like it!

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... a far softer introduction to India.  Having said that maybe we are just getting used to the feel of India because we met an English guy here for whom Mumbai was his first port of call and he hated it the first couple of days.  Hard to tell! ...

Arrive Mumbai (Bombay), Fort Mumbai, India travel blog

Arrive Mumbai (Bombay)

A travel blog entry by mktravels

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... (M's mother) survived the explosive swab after failing to smuggle a bottle of water onto the plane, and Lottie (niece) slept her way to India - not bad for a day flight. We arrived at 0300 to 32 degrees of Mumbai smog and made our way to our usual non ...

Mumbai City Tour, Mumbai, India travel blog

Mumbai City Tour

A travel blog entry by mktravels

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... south Kerala and the tourist areas of Goa, the noise, squalor and filth was a sharp reminder of just how bad Mumbai is. Train tracks in India are used as public toilets, the danger people put themselves through either crossing the tracks, or to defecate ...

The last cow, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

The last cow

A travel blog entry by mbgower

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... . Is this whole trip journal, all my so-called moments of insight, as superficial and obvious to anyone remotely familiar with India? Am I just repeating, in unending improvisations, the mesage "There's a sheep on the road back there!"? I always encounter ...