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Stephanie, rhymes with manifest destiny, Kovalum, India travel blog

Stephanie, rhymes with manifest destiny

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti


... stephanie! i'm writing a blog about you :) she is a great friend to have here and i can't imagine being in kovalum without her company. so, stephanie: 1. only rhymes with manifest-destiny (other ideas greatly appreciated in comments) 2. has ...

acting with awareness, Kovalum, India travel blog

acting with awareness

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti


... moment freezes, if only for a hundredth-second. in a way, i don't know what any of this means, but i know i have experienced these same feelings before in India. i try to discern what is different here, and how to keep the momentum when i go ...

hand carved stone, Kovalum, India travel blog

hand carved stone

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti


I purchased three carved amulets, one side bearing Ganesh and the other a symbol commonly associated with Ashtanga yoga. Stephanie chose the grey one as her Christmas gift. The Ganesh holds an axe in his left hand, to cut through delusion and ...

coconut forest, Kovalum, India travel blog

coconut forest

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti


after several days here in kovalum i am liking it more and more. i managed to find a cheap and best place to stay for 200 rps. per night (less than 4 euro, compared to other places at 300-1000 rps per night) in the Coconut Palm Forest. the upstairs is ...