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Hampi's Boulders

Hampi's Boulders

4.00 145 reviews

Narayanpet,2km from Basapur Village, Hampi, India

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari Hampi

Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari Hampi

3.00 130 reviews

Hospet, Hampi, India

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Good vibes and big rocks, Hampi, India travel blog

Good vibes and big rocks

A travel blog entry by globedecker

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... She Said: Hampi is a traveler's oasis and is a "must see" for anyone spending a few weeks traveling around India. The scenery is spectacular, with giant granite boulders everywhere, a peaceful river running through rice paddies, and magnificent stone ...

Humble Hampi, Hampi, India travel blog

Humble Hampi

A travel blog entry by tom_hollie_2010

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... from the branches. This was very spooky but we believe it is because the tree is worshipped and sacred. Hampi is a difficult destination to reach for those just visiting India for a couple of week’s holiday. There is no airport and is a 12 hour bus ...

Flintstones, Hampi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by lucinate

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... complex and that was it. Tomorrow we're back to Goa but we'll stay in Panaji and perhaps trys to find a quieter beach. Hampi is an incredible place. Fantastic scenery and temples. Very laid back and for all the tourists we saw on the train, we ...


Hangin' out in Hampi

A travel blog entry by laurenandkris

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... Shanti guesthouse which was run by a mad pann-chewing waiter who would parrot back your order to you in a slightly unhinged screech. Hampi itself was quite traveller-y but we could see why. The landscape looked like it came from a Star Trek movie with ...

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Hampi, Karnataka, India

A vast area of 14th and 15th-century palaces and temples that was once the wealthy capital of a huge Hindu empire.