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Gokarna International Beach Resort

Gokarna International Beach Resort

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Om Beach Rd, Gokarna, India

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Karnataka - Gokarn, Om beach - 2 nights, Gokarna, India travel blog

Karnataka - Gokarn, Om beach - 2 nights

A travel blog entry by christosp

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... Hindu history. Visited a temple where pilgrims had already started worshipping the gods, playing music and making offerings. As everywhere in India holy cows wander the streets, shops and temples in search of food. In the temple a random cow was chilling ...

The bikes take a rickshaw ride, Gokarna, India travel blog

The bikes take a rickshaw ride

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... of the town. We only managed to have rubbish crisps, and cake snacks, but making good progress reached the junction to Gokarna having done 43miles feeling excited about getting to beautiful Kudle beach by 2. No food available for lunch, but more biscuits ...

...even before the wheel..., Gokarna, India travel blog

...even before the wheel...

A travel blog entry by rebn

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... catalyst for change, or a stabilizer of emotion. All that being said, there is a time and place for certain genres of music. Gokarna, is not too far from Goa, and in Goa, there is a huge Trance scene, with parties happening regularly throughout the ...

Sad.............., Gokarna, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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... ! Everyone seems to be stuck and everyone seems to find ways of keeping themselves busy, just like normal life with all the extras, by far the best place in India so far and probably all of, but we will see what goa has to offer! Moving on to Patnem! ...

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Om Beach

Om Beach


Gokarna, Karnataka, India