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Test drive across Sri Lanka, Chennai, India travel blog

Test drive across Sri Lanka

A travel blog entry by the-rambler

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... for one book to change at the next opportunity. Adust the compass for the ride back to Colombo, and then the flight to Chennai, formerly Madras, capital of Tamil Nadu. There is a cricket Test match waiting for me, South Africa versus India. The little ...

Arrival in Chennai, Chennai (Madras), India travel blog

Arrival in Chennai

A travel blog entry by mxharris

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Very early (~2 am) Chennai Airport After our four hour connector, we are safely in Chennai (Madras) a metropolis about 3 hours north of Pondi.  While getting off the plane we struck up a conversation with the American couple sitting behind us who ...

CHENNAI, CHENNAI, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by roseyben

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... bright pink. So we head back into the city to have walk round and collect our bags. If you can get away without staying in Chennai then I suggest you save you money for some where else because we didn't enjoy it here and couldn't wait to get away. We ...

Innovative India, Chennai Airport, India travel blog

Innovative India

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... perhaps under your breath at airport security for confiscating your little plastic bottle of water before you board an airplane? India has a unique way of dealing with the thirsty. The security official simply removes the bottle cap, hands you back ...