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Culture Shock, India Style, Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Culture Shock, India Style

A travel blog entry by philthy

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... are told not only by other travelers, but are also detailed in our guidebooks. I don't know about Sarah, but I entered India with a "mental lockdown" of preparedness - no accidental bump or person staring went without suspicion. Of course this is not ...

Tea, politics and a step back in time..., Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Tea, politics and a step back in time...

A travel blog entry by tracystravels

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... clearly had been constructed and then left to decay without any thought of continuing maintenance (quite the norm here in India unfortunately).  Discussed some of these as well as environmental, political and ecological issues at length while down ...

Send in the clowns...., Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Send in the clowns....

A travel blog entry by tomandcharlie

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... the whole time but to her credit stayed for the whole meal - Fiona, you'd have loved this place!! So tonight we leave Calcutta and head for Varanasi. I'm afraid we can't upload any photos to go with this entry just yet (the internet here is very ...

Terrible trains & goodbye to India, Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Terrible trains & goodbye to India

A travel blog entry by jsnicka

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... mostly because of the inconsistency of Indian Railway. They do their best I'd imagine but they move over 12 million people each day in India so naturally they are going to run into some delays. I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. Our train ...