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Oh! Calcutta! (Kolkata), Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Oh! Calcutta! (Kolkata)

A travel blog entry by michellendave

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... do not see many westerners who are not part of a tour group, we suppose.   First Impression of Kolkata (In 2001, Calcutta's name was officially changed back to the non-anglicized version) The flight to Kolkata was only a little over an hour. ...

Motorcycle Tour of Calcutta (Kolkata), Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Motorcycle Tour of Calcutta (Kolkata)

A travel blog entry by michellendave

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... not totally mad. But I had some squeamish moments as we noisily zigzagged through markets and ever busy intersections.    Calcutta is Synonymous with Mother Teresa Our first stop was Mother Teresa's mission where her simple room is on display. ...

Culture Shock, India Style, Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Culture Shock, India Style

A travel blog entry by philthy

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... are told not only by other travelers, but are also detailed in our guidebooks. I don't know about Sarah, but I entered India with a "mental lockdown" of preparedness - no accidental bump or person staring went without suspicion. Of course this is not ...

Peak India and Hello 31, Kolkata (Calcutta), India travel blog

Peak India and Hello 31

A travel blog entry by rolandandlizzie

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... there and said he had to leave as he was going a little crazy! So I thought 1 month....easy! Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta changed to make it more relevant to Hindi and the three local towns the name references) is our final stop before we leave ...