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The last cow, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

The last cow

A travel blog entry by mbgower

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... . Is this whole trip journal, all my so-called moments of insight, as superficial and obvious to anyone remotely familiar with India? Am I just repeating, in unending improvisations, the mesage "There's a sheep on the road back there!"? I always encounter ...

Gimme gimme gimme... my shoes back!, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Gimme gimme gimme... my shoes back!

A travel blog entry by tomandcharlie

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... 's not us being kicked out for being too loud or anything!) so we'll have to fill you in next time of Tom's first case of 'Delhi (Bombay?) Belly' and the rest of what we've been up to. So much to say, so little time!! Hope everyone's well and missing us ...

from bangkok to bollywood, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

from bangkok to bollywood

A travel blog entry by rachel_jodie

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... were in a taxi with our backpacks hanging precariously out of the trunk, ready (or not) for our first driving experience in bombay. if we had thought the driving had been bad in bangkok and cambodia... we really had no idea about india. there might ...

India - Mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

India - Mumbai

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream

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... wits about you with who you trust and when. Met some right dodgy characters during my stay in Mumbai too. Mumbai (formally Bombay) is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and is a huge and sprawling metropolis that curves around the Arabian Sea. Over ...